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Join the Women Only Project

There are NO membership fees, all events are free, and EVERY possition is 100% voluntary.


You have the power to help the WOP provide opportunities for women to create film projects, without asking our members to pay a dime for their participation.


Donations further our efforts to give women creative liberties in the film industry.


Your contribution adds to the ongoing empowerment of women and the creation of leadership and entrepreneurship roles in media.

Submit a Script

​If you've ever wanted to see your script on the big screen, here's your opportunity.Your script could be produced by the Women Only Project collaboration.

The WOP works to create opportunities for female artists in film and give a voice to female writers like you.

Join a Production

Submit your Headshot and Resume to be Concidered for AUDITIONS! Or submit your application to be part of the WOP CREW.


ALL the roles in the Women Only Project are FEMALE roles and we are always seeking talented and gifted artists in-front of, and behind the camera.

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