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2015 Women Only Project Sponsors:
Lorrie and Steve Chaban                                Hilma Falkowski                          Kayla Peraza                                  Bob Canelli  

Charles Sperow and Katie Gagnon               Alain Tranchemontagne             Frank Poma                                    Renee Macek

Caitlin Peterson and Tiffany Ferris               Ian MacDonald                             Michele Palmer                             Karen Noyes

Chris and Nicole Bushey                                Carolyn Colton                             Lynne S. Brandon                         Andrew Bard

Meredith Dowling                                           Marty Lang                                   Georgina Capristo-Gajdosik        Ryan O'Neil

Elena Priozhkov                                               Patricia Ascione                           Melissa Cohen-Fyffe                     Michelle Rae

Ed and Claudia Horwatt                                Pheobe Montague                        Valerie Heron-Duranti                 C. Creane

Reno Venturi                                                    Suzanne Sadler                             Judith Nutkis                                 Mandy Miller 

Krista Blasevick Pullin                                    LauraBeth Rodzinak                    Edie Hofstatter                              Amy Edwards Elena Pellegrino

"At the Line"


“At the Line” was selected by the Women Only Project readers panel to be one of the five films produced by the WOP this Spring, 2015. The script was then drawn out of a hat and assigned to Director Sari Gagnon and Producer Rita Pirozhkov.

"Here She Comes"


“Here She Comes” was written by Khamanna Iskandarova. The script is a fantastic thriller about Ghosts haunting a home while they wait for their opportunity to cross over. It was drawn out of a hat by Elise Jansson who worked with a team to create an animated short from the script!




A riveting narrative about a rape victim telling her story during a radio interview, as a young woman and her grandmother listen to the story they have reactions of their own. The script was was drawn out of a hat by Director Valerie Ocaña, and Producer Melissa Torriero.


"Boiling Point"


A complicated tale of a working mother struggling to find time for her wayward pre-teen daughter who is thirsty for her mother’s attention, and perhaps she's going about getting it in all the wrong ways.



"Skin and Bones"


Written by Kaycee Corea, this is a heartfelt movie about a young girl battling image issues after being forced into modeling by her mother. The young model must face criticism of her looks on a larger scale, none more critical of her than herself.


Members of the 2015 WOP Reader's Panel:


Claudia Horwatt - is an an avid art lover and Entrepreneur as well as a small business owner, excelling in project management and philanthropy.


Katie Gagnon - is a freelance author, with a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Art History from St. Joseph's College and a Master's Degree in American Studies from Trinity College.


Anna Bedell - is an employee at ESPN and has been working in the entertainment business for 20+ years, and also has a broad education in voice work.


Holli Laone - has joined Counterfeit Cow Productions on several projects, taking on a variety of tasks, and enjoys collaborating with others to create films.


Valerie Heron Duranti - graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Arts  in Education program, is currently the Director of Arts and Academic Success at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


Edie Hofstateter - is an experienced actress whose large body of work includes Rachel Getting Married, It Isn't Over Yet, and a role on Forensic Files.


Naoka Davidson - has been creating independent films for competition for several years now and is experienced in every step of the entire process, from writing to editing.


Trish Clark - an Emmy Award winning producer of the 48 Hour Film Project in New Haven.  She has worked for VH1 and The Rosie O’Donnell Show as well as produces films, docs, music videos and commercials.


Lura Hepler - has an MFA from UCONN in Dramatic Arts, and most recently directed a piece for the Mayfly Playhouse - a start to finish 24 hour theatrical production, as part of the Hygienic Arts Festival in New London, CT.


Camilla Ross - an Emerson College alum and a 30 year veteran of the stage and screen, and president of Emerson Theater Collaborative in Mystic CT. She continues to produce, perform and create theater for social change.


Jodi Purdy - a casting director with credits on Hollywood Feature Films as well Indie Films, TV Commercials, Music Videos and Industrial Videos.  A member of SAG/AFTRA, she has been involved in the NE Film & Television Industry since the early 1980's.


Ellen Becker Gray - award winning stage and film actor, has appeared in more than 85 films, commercials and television shows. In addition to performing, she is a director, Producer and published writer. Ellen is a member of SAG-AFTRA and Actor's Equity.

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