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About The Women Only Project

We believe that female stories matter, and we're passionate about telling those stories our way.

The "Women Only Project" was founded by Sari Gagnon in association with Counterfeit Cow Productions, in 2015, to create equal opportunities for women in the film industry, with a focus on providing resources for women to collaborate with other women to produce film projects that reflect us. The Women Only Project, is just that: A film project written by, produced by, filmed by, and performed by ONLY WOMEN.


*Artists who, either by sex or gender, identify as female will not be turned away and are welcome to join our projects.

WOP Founder, Sari Gagnon, has been an actress, producer, and director of film for many years. She is co-owner of Counterfeit Cow Productions, and host of SaGaTalk Radio. She is passionate about the employment of women in film and began this collaborative to give women fillmakers opportunities to shine.

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