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Why I Love the 48:

Classic Stanley founder, Ian MacDonald, explains why he loves the 48hr Film Project and working with Classic Stanley.

Actor, Dan Mauro, winner of the 2015 BEST ACTOR award, shares his thoughts on the 48hr Film Project.

Executive Producer, Sari Gagnon, talks about the importance of trusting your teammates during the 48hr Film Project.

Team Leader, Matt Heron-Duranti, explains that the 48hr Film Project helps him excell under pressure.

Costume and Props Designer, Nicole Bushey, beleives that the 48hr Film Project creates bonds and lng lasting friendships.

Classic Stanley team members, Lorrie Bacon, Tiffany Ferris, Michael Barra, Sarah McCullough, Anna Bedell, Erin Carr, and Kellyann Milkowski explain why they love the 48!

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