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Team "Classic Stanley"

Team Leader, Matt Heron-Duranti, has a B.A. in Executive Film Production from the University of MA. He is Co-owner of CCP.Media, an active board member of Amherst Media, and has several projects in various stages of production.

Executive producer, Sari Gagnon, has recently earned her M.S. from Quinnipiac University for Interactive Media Production. She is the founder of the Women Only Project, and Host of SaGaTalk Radio.

Production Manager, Emily Kierstead, is a rising senior at UMass Amherst, studying communications, economics and film. She recently just returned from London where she studied television and film production for a semester. 


Dan Mauro,  is a New Haven area native with a bachelor's degree in film from Emerson College. He has appeared in commercial and film productions throughout New England. For breakfast, Dan usually has black coffee and disappointment.

Kathleen O'Neil,  does most of her acting these days with team Classic Stanley. She recently launched KnockOut Organizing, a professional home organizing business, where she helps people declutter and

organize their spaces for a happier life.

Lorrie Bacon, Performed the role of "Julie" for team Classic Stanley's 2016 project. She is a wife, dog mom and pursuing her dreams to be known around the world, working on a Master's Degree in life.

Mark Rossetti, is a dedicated father and yacht salesman. Mark is performing for Classic Stanley for his 3rd year. We have a saying at Classic Stanley, that "no egos are allowed... except for Mark's."

JD Achille, studied Health Sciences at UConn and has performed in tons of indie films. Recently JD perfomred in 2016's Women Only Project "Objects in the Mirror." JD keeps coming back to Classic Stanley and sometimes lets us play with her hair.

Zach Pacniera, joins Classic Stanley as an actor for the 3rd time. He pretty much does whatever he's told.

Lisa Coleman Hasty, has appeared in less than a million but maybe possibly almost a hundred productions on stage & screen. Among her many personas, Lisa J. is also known as MysticStar intuitive tarot card & palm reader. Mystic, Muse, Grin Giver, Giggle Tickler, Heart Warmer or by any other name, Lisa J delights in amusing, entertaining & enlightening the masses.

Dylan Cote, our youngest cast member this year but by no means inexperienced. Dylan has been performing in children's theatre for years with Michael Lamb at Performing Arts Programs. He was recently in "Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes."

Stephen Edwards, Has performed since the age of 7 in many local productions and commercials, church, and city choir's.  He has studied acting at various acting institutions in New York and Connecticut

Janie, or as we like to call her "Janie-Anna" made her acting debut in a music video for George Harrison's song "What is Life" and joins Classic Stanley to provide all our cuddling needs.

1st Unit: "Classic"

Script Supervisor, Valerie Ocaña is a visual storyteller with 7 years of experience in a variety of short films and documentary productions.  She has an associate’s degree in Digital Arts Technology - specializing in Audio, Video and Multimedia. She is Script Supervisor for Classic Stanley 2017, and the past 3 years running.

Sound, Anjali Rose- Kumar

Set Producer, Kellyann Milkowski, is a veteran filmmaker and thespian. She does a little of everything and she welcomes every new challenge with excitement and curiosity. She persists in her expansion of her clone army.

Lighting Designer, -

2nd Unit: "Stanley"

2nd Unit Director, -



Wardrobe Specialist, -


Anna Bedell, has been the make-up artist in many film projects, commercial television, and even runway! Anna works at ESPN and is a proud member of the Women Only Project and was nominated for Best Make-up in 2016!

Trask Zimora, has studied VFX make-up at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Trask is our spiritual guru and team optimist, he joins Classic Stanley for his 3rd year patiently awaiting a horror genre.

Janessa Daniels, stylist at Ochoa Salon in Hadley, MA. She started doing hair at the ripe age of 15, now has with 11 years in the industry under her belt. Janessa joins us for the 2nd year in a row.

Set Photographer:



Greg Hurst, is a freelance editor who has worked with Evfx Studios, Interlock Media, Great Lesson Studios, and more. Additionally he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Post Production from Emerson College. Greg joins Classic Stanley for the second time after working on last year’s Best Editing nominated “Five of Cups.”

Tim Burbank, has BAs in Film Media and Computer Science, and manages post production for Ocean Exploration Trust. He’s survived eight 48 hour film projects so far and continues to push his luck.

Sound Effects and Musical Score 

Michelle Chamuel, was the runner up on season four of The Voice. Also a songwriter and producer, she is known for soloist work and as the singer in the band Ella Riot. 

Dan Mocarski,  is joining our editing team for the 3rd year in a row, and was nominated for Best Editing in 2015.

Editing Assistant, Austen Rioux a Western Mass local who studied journalism and film studies at Umass Amherst. Passions include horror movies, music, and sleeping in.


Mark Alan K, is the owner of Mark Alan K Productions. A 2009 graduate of Middlesex Film Industry Training Program and is known for his VFX and animation work.

Production Assistants:

Brendan McKeen joins Classic Stanley for the 2nd year in a row as our Director's Assistant. Brendan brings his special charm and dance moves to the team.

Anna Neild, has been both on stage and back stage, and is super excited about being part of her first film project!  As easy going and fun as she is, anyone who has ever had her stage manage for them knows, never EVER touch her props (unless you buy her a drink first)!

Austen Rioux a Western Mass local who studied journalism and film studies at Umass Amherst. Passions include horror movies, music, and sleeping in.

Joe Ameur, is a videographer, writer and filmmaker from Worcester, Massachusetts. His work includes narrative & documentary filmmaking, tv studio production, wedding and commercial videography. He's based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and is currently employed as the Director of Studio Production at Amherst Media.


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