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Welcome to the Home Page of Team "Classic Stanley"!


"Classic Stanley" is the team name for our dream team of filmmakers submitting projects for 48HR Film Projects,

established in 2014.




What started as an inside joke, has become our team name.
Classic Stanley is a line of dialogue from the film "The Mean of Green", which one of the characters, Vegas, is convinced (and mistaken) that he is living the same day over and over again.


Vegas finds himself in the police station because of his antics, and believes that he has been through this a hundred times before.
When he is released by the Sherif, Vegas says to the Sherif: "Thanks for your help Stanley."
To which the Sherif replies: "My name is not Stanley!"

Vegas laughs at the Sherifʹs anger, shakes his head, responds: "Classic Stanley."

The joke continued, many of our team members worked together during the film shoot for The Mean of Green, and whenever an actor or crew member slipped up on the job someone would call that person "Classic Stanley".

When picking a team name for the New Haven 48HR Film Project, we could think of no better name for our team.
Now you know… and youʹre in on the joke too.



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