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Filming July 25th - July 27th!


PREMIER SCREENING WILL TAKE PLACE July 30th - July 31st at The 48HR Film Project - New Haven, CT



Matthew Rickart 

Lora Voigt 

Kellyann Parrillo Milkowski 

Katie Gagnon 

Paul and Therese Macek 

The Hagan Family


Renee Macek 

Patti Goldberg 

Alice Heron

Lisa J. Coleman-Hasty 

Elise Jansson

Gail Coulom

Barbara MacLeod 

Lauren Craigie 

Janis MacDonald 

Susan Roth 

Rick Kania 

Jason Strachel

Poetic Nature 

Charles Sperow 

Joseph Luchetti 

Harris E. Berenson

Frank Galpin 

Lora Voight

Hilma Falkowski 

Marty Lang 

Magda Grover

Russell Bernstein

Nicole Falconer

Paul Pelletier

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