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"The Little Hollandaise"

Classic Stanley's 2014 submission for the 48hr Film Project in New Haven, CT.


This film was disqualified dispite being submitted on time due to a technical formatting error. Despite the film's disqualification "The Little Hollandaise" was nominated for the "Best Disqualified Film" Award.  


At the ceremony on Aug. 27th 2014, competing against 8 other disqualified films, "The Little Hollandaise" was presented the award for "Best Disqualified Film" by the 48hr Film Project - New Haven Represenative, Trish Clark.


Accepting the award was Team Leader, Ian MacDonald and DP/Producer, Matt Heron Duranti.

"We had fun." said Ian MacDonald, and truer words were never spoken. We WON, more than just a peice of paper that night because we walked away from this project with stronger bonds and a deeper love for our work.


"My Sincerest THANKS to all our supporters. This is an amazing team, and we'll get 'em next year Classic Stanley!" Director - Sari Gagnon


Disqualified Film
48HR Film Project
New Haven, CT

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