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Team "Classic Stanley"

Team Leader, Matt Heron-Duranti, has a B.A. in Executive Film Production from the University of MA. He is Co-owner of CCP.Media, an active board member of Amherst Media, and has several projects in various stages of production.

Executive producer, Sari Gagnon, has recently earned her M.S. from Quinnipiac University for Interactive Media Production. She is the founder of the Women Only Project, and Host of SaGaTalk Radio.

Team Founder, Ian MacDonald, has written fan favorites such as "Little Hollandaise", "Turning the Tables", and Mean of Green". Recently engaged, Ian is taking a break from writing his wedding vows to rejoin Classic Stanley.

Production Manager, Sarah McCullough, A communication student at UMass Amherst graduating in 2017. Having reached her ultimate goal of professional dog petter she has moved on to horrible banjo player.


Dan Mauro, holds a bachelor's degree in film from Emerson College. When he puts iit down, he appears in various commercials and independent films throughout New England. ...Dan continues to wear pants.

Kathleen O'Neil, does most of her acting these days with Counterfeit Cow Productions and team Classic Stanley. She loves her husband, TV, Nature, and dessert. Don't go for her dessert without asking... she will fork you!

Lorrie Bacon, has been in films and theatre productions all over New England. She is also a member of the Women Only Project. She has performed in CCP projects such as, "Skin and Bones" and "Marshall Tapes".

Narrator, Michael Barra, known for roles in "The Amazing Superman", "Gotham", and his directorial debut "Mama's Little Man" which can be seen on youtube. When Michael's not hanging with CCP crew he spends his time singing and dancing in "A Bronx Tale" off Broadway.

JD Achille, studied Health Sciences at UConn and has performed in tons of indie films. Recently JD perfomred in 2016's Women Only Project "Objects in the Mirror." JD keeps coming back to Classic Stanley and sometimes lets us play with her hair.

Mark Rossetti, is a deticated father and yacht salesman. Mark has performed in "Senators" then ironically played a senator in "Turning the Tables". We have a saying at Classic Stanley, that "no egos are allowed... except for Mark's."

Lisa Coleman Hasty, is an actress and intiutive palm reader, grin giver, heart warmer, giggle tickler, and amusement provider. Lisa has recently performed in Valley Repretory's "Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes".

Stephen Edwards, is an actor/writer from New Haven, CT. He has appeared in numerous stage productions, commercials, and independent films. Stephen is currently writing his first feature length film.

Janie, or as we like to call her "Janie-Anna" made her acting debut in a music video for George Harrison's song "What is Life" and joins Classic Stanley to provide all our cuddling needs.

Annette George, actress who recently starred in Mallove's Jeweller's Mother's Day commercial, and last year's Women Only Porject "Boiling Point". Annette brings laughter and smiles everywhere she goes.

Dylan Cote, our youngest cast member this year but by no means inexperienced. Dylan has been performing in children's theatre for years with Michael Lamb at Performing Arts Programs. He was recently in "Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes."

1st Unit: "Classic"

Script Supervisor, Valerie Ocaña, is a student of Digital Arts Technology at Naugatuck Valley. She made her directorial debut with the Women Only Project "Prompt". Valerie ensures that the finished product continuous verbal and visual sense.

Set Producer, Kellyann Milkowski, is a deticated mother and holds a Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Kellyann has produced films such as "Here She Comes" and "Objects in the Mirror".

Sound, Brett Ainslie, has a B.A. in Communications from Quinnipiac University and was a student of CT's Film Industry Program, and has worked on projects with Disney, ABC, VH1, A&E, ESPN, MTV, FoxCT, Bravo, and more!

Lighting Designer, Dan Madsen, likes walking onto dark sets and creating light, casting rays of knowledge and enveloping evil in shadows of darkness.

2nd Unit: "Stanley"

2nd Unit Director, Tiffany Ferris, is an enthusiastic filmmaker who made her directorial debut with the Women Only Project with "Boiling Point". When she's not making movies or hanging out with her dog Tiffany can be spotted at Bingo!

Set Producer, Colleen Lyon, beleives that media production is story telling, and Colleen is a storyteller. Whether a low budget indie film or national advertising campaign, she can conceive, produce and execute the very best stories to be told.

Cameraman, Jared Skolnick, is a videographer based in Western MA, a lover and maker of movies that entertain and provoke thought. Ask him his thoughts about Cloud Atlas at your own peril.


Wardrobe Specialist, Nicole Bushey, is a dedicated wife and mother, as well as the Vice President of the Windosr Jesters Repretory Theatre. Nicole recently produced "August: Osage County" 
...and she rocks! Just ask her.

Costume Assistant, Erin Carr, is a student at UMass Amherst and very enthusiastic about joining Classic Stanley for the first time.


Anna Bedell, has been the make-up artist in many film projects, commercial television, and even runway! Anna works at ESPN and is a proud member of the Women Only Project and worked as the make-up artist on 4 of their films.

Trask Zimora, is studying visual effects make-up at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is a prolific Tarot card reader, and all around possitive guy. He joins Classic Stanley for his 2nd year.

Janessa Daniels, Stylist at Ochoa Salon in Hadley, MA. She started doing hair at the ripe age of 15, now twenty-five with ten years in the industry under her belt.

Make-up Assistant, Alex Bedell, is a recent high school graduate and is joining Classic Stanley for the 1st time!

Set Photographer:

Melanie Zacek, is the owner/photogrpaher of Melanie Zacek Photography. She earned her BFA in photography at the Hartford Art School in 2011 and today photographs weddings and portraits throughout New England.


Lead Editor, Jesse Kerman, began his forays into filmmaking before the digital revolution, editing from his own 16mm films as a teenager in NH. Now a sought-after editor and motion graphics artist, who loves charming wife and two cats in Holyoke, MA.

Dan Mocarski, is a joining Classic Stanley for his second year after being nominated last year for BEST EDITING.

Greg Hurst, is an editor in Western MA who has worked with Evfx Studios, Interlock Media Inc., Drew Pearlman, More Than Wheels, Brant Looney, and more. Greg joins Classic Stanley for the fisrt time.

Assistant Editor, Jamie Blenden, from West Orange, NJ is a rising senior studying Communications at UMass Amherst. He enjoys all aspects of filmmaking but his favorite role to be on set is cinematographer.

Sound Effects

Jon Abarca, is an Engineer and Producer at JJA Studios in Los Angeles and has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music. Jon rejoins Classic Stanley after a 1 year absence, Welcome Back Jon!

Musical Score

Conor Jones, a Los Angeles based composer. He has scored award winning feature films, over a dozen short films, web-series, and other media related projects.


Mark Alan K, is the owner of Mark Alan K Productions. A 2009 graduate of Middlesex Film Industry Training Program and is known for his VFX and animation work.

Elise Jansson, is a graduate of UMass Amherst. She made her Animation Director debut with the Women Only Project on an animation called "Here She Comes."

Classic Stanley Band

Band Leader, Lisa Marie Ellingsen, is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Northampton, MA. Ellignsen perfors regularly in the Pioneer Valley as a solo performer and as a member of the Woman Songwriter Collective

Carolyn Walker, from UMass with a Master's Degree in Music Theory. Walker is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter who performs throughout New England as a solo performer and as a member of the Woman Songwriter Collective

Fred Cohen, is a professor of Music at UMass Amherst. Cohen has played the oboe for the Springfield Orchestra for 32 years and is nationally known in the classical music world for his oboe work.

Jim Armenti, is a beloved figure in the Pioneer Valley music community. Regarded as one of the best guitar players in Western MA, he also plays violin, clarinet, and mandolin. He is best known for with "The Lonesome Brothers", and the "Young at Heart" band.

Production Assistants:

Brendan McKeen

Rob Hunt

Emma Piscia, just earned her degrees in English and Communication from UMass Amherst, and she's very excited to join the Classic Stanley team for the first time!

Richard McDonough, is a recent graduate of Stonehille College. While still looking for a permanent job he is working for Baltazar Entertainment and writing in his spare time.


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