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Mallove's Jewelers Commercials

Mallove's Jewelers short concepts focused on customer satisfaction & business legacy.

Flash Story

Donny is a sluggish beer brewer who is tired of being single and longs for a more exciting existence.

Mitch’s eldest son, Rick, has died while diving in a treasure salvage expedition. Mitch decides to join his son’s salvage diving team to recover a sunken treasure galleon and fulfill his son's legacy.

Short Film
Short Film

Shelf-Life is about Harper Lewis who decides to seek vengeance from a high school bully for years of mental anguish by causing embarrassment at the next high school reunion. We will know Harper has succeeded at the end of the movie when he has taken responsibility for his own life choices

Short Film

Luther has to fire his favorite columnist because the paper he manages has just been bought by a corporation with more conservative views.

Short Film

A short children’s film about an unlikely romance between two toys on sale during the Christmas shopping rush.

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