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Sari Gagnon began her career in the entertainment business as an actress, who can still be seen chased by monsters on the Chiller Network from time to time. She then worked as an acting coach with Performing Arts Programs (PAP), a non-profit organization bringing the arts to schools with limited funding. There Sari wrote, directed and produced several children’s plays that encouraged conflict resolution through words rather than retaliation.


She made her directorial debut with documentary “Homeless in a College Town” (2013), and soon after began a career as a producer at Counterfeit Cow Productions (CCP), a multi-media production company in Amherst, Massachusetts. Sari has overseen several film productions as well as countless commercials, music videos, and radio advertisements.


In 2015, Sari founded the Women Only Project, a film collaborative where projects are created with an all-female cast and crew. Women of varied experience levels work together to create shorts about female topics and submit those films to national film festivals.


Aside from her production work, Sari hosts a podcast show, SaGa Talk Radio, that streams throughout the month of November. 2016’s focus for the podcast was screenwriting. Sari had the incredible good fortune of interviewing such screenwriters as Ted Tally, Nancy Oliver, Richard Walter, and many other professionals.


Sari is an alumnus of Quinnipiac University with a Master of Science in interactive media production and is well on her way to earning a M.F.A. from Full Sail University for creative writing.

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