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"Art feeds the soul, without it I'm bound to starve." - Sari Gagnon


Sari is enjoying her work at Counterfeit Cow Productions where she has several projects in various stages of development. She is an award winning filmmaker whose experience spans over dozens of projects. Sari is not only known for her performances but also her skills behind the camera, as a director, producer, writer, art consultant,  and her work in children's theatre. In addition to her work, Sari has an M.S. from Quinnipiac University for Interactive Media Production, and is well on her way to earning her M.F.A. from Full Sail University for Creative Writing.

Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC

Sari is the co-founder of Counterfeit Cow Productions, where they produce honest affordable motion pictures and television programming with a social conscience to be experienced by a wide range of audiences all over the world. Staff at CCP all beleive that film has a great responsibility to raise social awareness through entertainment.

SaGa Talk Radio
with host Sari Gagnon

SaGa Talk Radio launches August 2015! This show is a weekly live show that discusses independent films, music, art, and the artists who create it. Its an interview-style broadcast, that shows clips or music from upcoming projects, and includes segments of what’s newsworthy and trending in the community from week to week.

Women Only Project

Free-Range Clay is a series of short stop motion claymation films created by Sari Gagnon. Some of Sari's characters are influenced by artists that inspire her.

The Women Only Project was founded by Sari Gagnon in association with Counterfeit Cow Production to provide a collaborative opportunity for female filmmakers. Each project is written by, produced by, filmed by, and performed by only women.

Free-Range Clay
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