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Season 02 | Episode 09

Ted Tally earned an Academy Award for his screen adaptation of "Silence of the Lambs", he is also famous for screenplays; "Before and After", The Juror", and "All the Pretty Horses."

First aired 11/29/2016

Season 02 | Episode 04

Jack Epps has written several beloved screenplays such as, "Turner and Hooch", "The Secret to my Success", and "Top Gun" to name a few. Jack joins the show to discuss his book, "Screenwriting is Rewriting."

First aired 11/14/2016

Season 01 | Episode 08

Host Sari Gagnon interviews World Renound Script Analyst - Pilar Alessandra about the do's and don'ts of screenwriting.

First aired 11/24/2015

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Ted Tally

Jack Epps

Pilar Alessandra

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